Computer PC Remember Me Game DVD Shipping NEW




If you purchase multiple games please make or request a total invoice a combined payment.

Goods in stock so the items purchased will be shipped no later than one business day after payment. If payment is received until 15.00 clock (Mon-Fri) of Item usually will be shipped the same day.

Please if you pay by bank transfer to urgently inform the member name as intended purpose.

The disk itself is identical to the German retail version (A pressing).
What you should know:

Generally, all articles that are sent as Deutsche Post large letter, are z.B video games in the normal DVD format, within 1-2 business days after receipt of payment.
The shipping time other products, please specify the ebay delivery, but in principle the following applies see:
Package: 1-2 working days
Deutsche post shipment: 3-7 business days

The delivery cost of shipping abroad, also refer to the technical data listed on ebay.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority:
If you are not satisfied, please contact us. Please email or phone and we guarantee a fair solution with some

For a large part of our video games offered, are EU goods which unless otherwise specified, is always identical to the German sales goods. The shell is indeed mostly in English, but the media itself is no different.
Furthermore, the statutory USK is located on the disk, unless otherwise indicated, marking. This serves as your age recommendation.
Since the disc itself is indicated, we are entitled to label the envelope also with the appropriate USK logo. For this purpose, the packaging film on the lower side is opened carefully. Only then is it possible for us the required USK-labeling for age rating, according to the German law apply. The game itself is not open and is therefore always in original packaging.

We would be delighted after completion of the transaction, receive a positive feedback from you.

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