PC Computer DVD Game Jagged Alliance Gold with Back in Action & Crossfire New




The new “Plan & Go” system of Jagged Alliance: Back in Action serves you in retaking Arulco as a powerful tool: It allows you to precise planning your strategy. In planning mode pauses the game and you can prepare the next steps of your mercenaries carefully. The innovative Action Timeline allows you to tailor the actions your mercenaries successive to proceed as efficiently as possible.


  • Unique mix of combat (tactics), role-playing, and strategy Wirtschaftssim
  • Innovative “Plan & Go” combat system combines real-time gameplay with turn-based elements
  • Sophisticated strategy mode with exploring the maps and realistic education
  • Simultaneous control of several squad teams on a strategic map
  • More than 50 types of weapons, different grenades or explosive devices (Flash, Smoke, C4) and numerous weapons modifications as muffler or riflescopes
  • Compilation of mercenaries from more than 40 unique mercenaries, with specific likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses
  • Convincing characters who interact with each other and comment on the action. All dialogues with voice output
  • Realistic Camouflage System: Mercenaries can be appropriately dressed for application
  • About 40 different scenarios that must be conquered and defended
  • A variety of exciting side quests, such as assassinations, conquest and search orders
  • Night missions with proper stealth, lighting and camouflage system
  • Ornate Tutorial

Special features of the Standard Editon

Small Arulco map

Minimum System Requirements: IntelAMD CPU ( 1,8 GHz +), 1 GB RAM Shader 3.0


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